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Selection of Spirulina

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1. Look at the mark. For spirulina health food, there must be a national official health food approval number and "small blue cap" logo. The information stated in the product label must conform to the health food label standard required by the national standard. Such as ingredient list, functional ingredients and their content list, suitable and taboo population, claimed health care function, administration method, net content, shelf life, product standard number, health license number, manufacturer and/or distributor name and address and other main information. If any of the main information is missing, it must be questioned. It cannot be a "three noes" product with no trademark, no factory name and no address. For the national food safety licensing system, all food must also pass the "QS" certification mark.

2. Look at the color. The pure natural 100% spirulina powder, whether in powder, tablet or capsule, is dark green and slightly yellow (don't look at the surface, but also look at the color of the cross section): pure green spirulina products may have problems, be inferior or fake, or be mixed with other substances. Because the processed spirulina is very dry and easy to absorb moisture, it may gradually turn green after absorbing moisture, and it is easy to rot. Eating this spirulina is not only unhealthy, but also harmful.

3. Smell the smell. Spirulina has a special smell of algae or sea. Without this peculiar smell, spirulina or long-stored algae powder may not be processed. However, it is likely that the products with the smell of corruption are inferior.

4. Look at the hardness. For spirulina tablet products, the harder the spirulina tablets is, the more other ingredients it is mixed with, while high-quality spirulina tablets can be separated by hand.

5. Taste the taste. Spirulina tastes fresh and usually slightly alkaline. If the alkali is heavy, it is not up to standard. In addition, products made of 100% spirulina should be sticky.

6. Water soluble observation. Put spirulina powder or tablet into a glass filled with purified water, dissolve and observe the color of water. If it is of high quality, the water should be green and turn blue after half an hour.

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