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Efficacy and role of spirulina tablets

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Guide】Spirulina is a rare health product. Its efficacy and effect are remarkable, and it plays an important role in anti-fatigue and immunity enhancement. As far as spirulina is concerned, the process of selection, production, harvesting and processing of its algae species is very complicated. It is also 100% pure spirulina, and its function and effect may also be different. Many people do not know what brand is good. . Follow Mama.com to share the efficacy and role of Spirulina and tell you which brand of Spirulina is good, so stay tuned.


Spirulina is a rare health product. Its efficacy and effect are remarkable, and it plays an important role in anti-fatigue and immunity enhancement. It is summarized as follows:

First,Anti-fatigue, make the body full of health and vitality.

Spirulina contains a substance called polysaccharides, which can increase the reaction speed of nerve cells and make the body more agile and flexible. There is another amino acid called Tianmendong, which promotes fat metabolism and glycogen decomposition, produces more energy, reduces the amount of lactic acid that makes people feel tired, and plays a role in anti-fatigue.

Second,Improve human immunity and resolutely resist virus invasion.

The decline of immunity will increase the body's risk of illness. Spirulina is rich in vitamins, trace elements and B-carotene, which can enhance the ability of human immune cells to engulf the virus and improve the body's immune function.

Third,Improve the ability of tolerance to hypoxia and let the aerobic body fresh and fresh.

The lack of oxygen in the human body is caused by the decrease in the carrying capacity of the red blood cells, the oxygen transporter of the human body. Ulive Spirulina is rich in iron, vitamin B12 and chlorophyll. These substances can significantly improve the carrying capacity of red blood cells, and ensure that more fresh and sufficient oxygen is carried to all parts of the body, which makes people refreshed and energetic.

Fourth,Inhibit tumors, electromagnetic radiation, protect eyesight: significantly increase white blood cells.

The tumor is caused by cell mutation or spread. Spirulina contains phycocyanin and algal polysaccharides, which are recognized anti-tumor factors. Algal polysaccharides can stick to the surface of cancer cells, preventing cancer cells from penetrating blood vessels and transferring to normal tissues, thus limiting the cancer cells ’ Diffusion and development. Taking Youhuo Spirulina can reduce the side effects after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and has a significant effect on increasing white blood cells. Vitamin A in Spirulina plays a key role in protecting eyesight.

Fifth,Regulate blood lipids and blood pressure, effectively reduce cholesterol levels.

Abundant amino acids can naturally synthesize and produce choline during human digestion. At the same time, under the combined action of chlorophyll and magnesium, it can limit the increase of blood pressure; reduce blood pressure to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment.

Sixth,Gastrointestinal ulcers and gastritis.

Chlorophyll itself has anti-inflammatory effects and participates in the synthesis of choline and regulates stomach acid. The pain of stomach ulcers usually disappears after taking for two weeks, and can be cured in 2-3 months. In particular, it has a unique effect on atrophic gastritis with precancerous lesions. Spirulina is also a reliever of habitual constipation.

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