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How to distinguish the quality of spirulina

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There are many types of Spirulina, among which Spirulina platensis is the best one, which is easily absorbed by the human body. This is the type of algae selected for Green A Spirulina. The quality of spirulina products is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, so it must be judged from the following indicators;

① The product must have the approval and label of the national health department. All qualified spirulina production enterprises approved by the state must be reviewed every year; every batch of spirulina products that leave the factory must be quarantined by the health department, and unqualified nutritional components and health indicators are not allowed to enter the market.

② Must be produced by a regular manufacturer. The packaging of qualified products should usually indicate the product name, factory address and trademark. Never use Sanwu products without trademarks, sanitation licenses, and approval numbers. Sanwu products may have serious quality problems such as heavy metals and excessive sanitary indicators.

③ There is a national green food certification mark. Green food certification is an environmental certification mark adopted by the country in recent years in line with international standards. The products that have passed the national green food certification can get quality assurance from every link of production, processing and transportation.

④ Good packaging must be provided. Packaging is the protective layer of the intrinsic quality of the product. If the packaging does not meet national regulations, it is easy to cause the loss and deterioration of spirulina nutrients. For example, the phycocyanin contained in Spirulina, scientific experiments show that: Phycocyanin loses 50% in 15 minutes under direct sunlight, and it is basically lost within 3 months under unsealed conditions. Green A essence tablets are one of the few high-quality spirulina health products on the market. They fully meet the above four standards. When purchasing, you must recognize the Green A trademark.



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