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Can spirulina cure stomach problems?

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Spirulina has a certain adjuvant treatment effect on gastric diseases, but it must be targeted. 

Spirulina is an alkaline food, so eating spirulina can effectively regulate the pH in the stomach, and has a certain auxiliary treatment effect on gastric diseases caused by hyperacidity. At the same time, spirulina is rich in multivitamins and comprehensive protein amino acids and polysaccharides. , Inositol, life-active substances, etc., can also repair traumatic gastric superficial mucosal damage.

After a large number of scientific clinical studies, it has been found that the most fundamental treatment for gastrointestinal ulcers should be protein supplements and more high-protein foods. Then add some foods rich in natural vitamins and trace minerals. Vitamin B has the effect of regulating gastric acid. For example, stomach acid is easy to swell, B1 can increase stomach acid, and taking pantothenic acid can reduce it with hyperacidity. Minerals help normal liver and stomach and nutrient absorption. B6 helps convert serine and methionine into more choline and normalize bile.

Spirulina is rich in high protein, especially a large amount of cystine is particularly beneficial to gastric ulcers, and it is rich in chlorophyll, which is the most effective for the treatment and prevention of peptic ulcers. It should be reminded that Spirulina has an adjuvant or synergistic therapeutic effect on many diseases, but it cannot replace drug treatment.



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