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The efficacy of spirulina

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A. Anti-radiation damage effect: oral administration of spirulina to mice before and after radiation can improve the survival rate of mice.

B.  Antibacterial effect: Spirulina platensis has an antibacterial effect on gram-positive bacteria. The ethanol extract of Spirulina platensis containing lipids and triterpenoids has the strongest antibacterial activity, and the extract containing sterols also has antibacterial activity. Function, but weaker. Spirulina platensis has no inhibitory effect on gram-negative bacteria.

C. Anti-cancer effect: Spirulina can inhibit the formation of large intestinal degeneration crypts in NIH mice and standard deviation rats induced by short-term single injection and long-term multiple injections of 1,2-dimethylhydrazine.

D. Photosensitization: Treat the cultured mouse myeloma cells with 0.25mg/ml phycocyanin (phycocyanin), and then irradiate 300J/cm2 with a 514nm laser. The survival rate of cancer cells is only 15%; Using laser irradiation or phycocyanin treatment, the cell survival rate of Lake Chad was 69% and 71%.

E. Effect on the immune system: Spirulina polysaccharide can increase the serum hemolysin of mice by 39.5%-98.0%, increase the phagocytic rate of peritoneal macrophages by 32.5%-51.5%, increase the phagocytic index by 0.9-1.8 times, and T lymph The number of cells increased by 46.8%-87.7%, the splenic white pulp lymphocytes were densely arranged, the macrophages in the red pulp were significantly increased, and the acid alpha-naphthyl acetate (ANAE) positive lymphocytes increased by 7.3%-12.8%.

F.  Lower cholesterol: 30 men with high cholesterol and mild hyperlipidemia were divided into two groups. Group A took 4.2g of spirulina daily for 8 weeks. The total serum cholesterol increased from 6.3mmol/L within 4 weeks ( 244mg) dropped to 6.1mmol/L (233mg), a decrease of 4.5%. In group B, the service was stopped after 4 weeks, the total serum cholesterol decreased, and then returned to the original level. Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol was significantly reduced by 6.1% within 4 weeks. People with high cholesterol levels had a greater reduction in serum cholesterol.

G.  Protective effect on the stomach: Spirulina platensis is given 250-500mg to the stomach, which has obvious protective effect on indomethacin (indomethacin) type and absolute alcohol type experimental rat gastric ulcer models; it can reduce the pyloric ligation type The incidence of rat ulcer models and reducing the number of ulcers also have a certain inhibitory effect on gastric juice secretion; it can accelerate the healing of chronic acetic acid-type rat gastric ulcers.




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