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Is there any difference between Euglena and Spirulina and Chlorella?

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Euglena and Spirulina are very different

A. Absorption rate: Euglena has no cell wall, so the digestion and absorption rate is very high. Both spirulina and chlorella have cell walls, and the absorption rate is lower than that of euglena.

B. Nutritional ingredients: Euglena has β-1,3-glucan, which can help improve constipation; it also contains DHA and EPA which are almost not found in spirulina and chlorella.

C. Safety: Chlorella has a high content of pheophytin, which is easy to cause photosensitivity. Spirulina is easily contaminated by toxins and heavy metals, and is a multicellular algae with high nucleic acid content, which is not friendly to gout patients. Euglena is a freshwater algae, which does not have the above-mentioned problems, and has a low pheophytin content, which is unlikely to cause photosensitivity.


Euglena is cultivated in freshwater by Ulve, which is a very critical point. Therefore, Euglena does not contain iodine, so friends with various thyroid diseases do not need to worry.



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